Nina Mair designs products and spaces

Nina Mair Concrete Table 01

Raw materials are our passion. View our projects >

nina mair kursaal bern premier room 13

It is our belief that meaningful spaces and objects contribute to people’s health and wellbeing. Explore our spaces >

nina mair lamb

We design long-lasting products that tell their own stories. Read one of these stories >

nina mair skizzen

We initiate each design process with a thorough analysis. The result of this is the foundation of the whole design. Learn more about our process >

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We try to trigger emotions by using specific colours and materials. View our design methody >

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We put all of our knowledge, experience and expertise in every project, regardless of whether it is a small product or an entire building. Experience our values >

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Among the factors of most importance for each of our concepts are location, atmosphere, scent world and cue state. Explore our design process >