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Tube Light

YDOL sound absorber + Bartenbach LED light 2021
Dimensions: D = 15 cm, H = 40 / 60 / 80 cm

Material: aluminium + Merino wool

Client: YDOL Germany

Tube Light is a highly-efficient sound absorber, that ensures great room acoustics, as well as a continuously dimmable LED light with integrated light colour control system. The cylindrically shaped light can be suspend from the ceiling at any chose height, as an individual piece as well as grouped together in a lighting ensemble. The discreet geometrical body consists of solely two materials – the renewable material wool and recycled aluminium. The light can be continuously and variably dimmed, while also offering full control over a homogenously blended colour temperature, by means of a mobile app. The available colour temperature mixture ranges from warm light measuring 2200K to cold 5000K light. The lighting solutions provided by this product focuses greatly on the human experience as well as visual, emotional and health requirements.

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Photography: in the headroom