nina mair cypris round 01

Cypris round

mirror series 2018
Dimensions: diameter=75 cm / debth=10cm
Material: brass / brass burnished
Client: ClassiCon

Cypris embodies the symbiotic relationship between simplicity and elegance. As an object that is not only beautiful, but emphasises and celebrates beauty, it is worthy of the goddess it is named after. Cypris is one of the names for Aphrodite, symbol of love, beauty and sensuality in Greek mythology. The subtle rounded brass frame surrounds the mirror like a ribbon, ennobling it, giving it grace and elegance. The interplay between the flowing form of the ribbon and the warm, archaic character of the metal gives the object a soft, harmonious appearance. The reflection of the viewer is framed like an artwork. This is emphasised even more by the generous (10cm) depth of the frame, which looks twice as wide thanks to its reflection in the mirror. The frame also serves the practical purpose of providing a shelf for precious bottles of perfume. Cypris is available in two variants. There is a square make-up mirror version of 70x70cm, and a full length rectangular version of 60x180cm, which can be hung horizontally or vertically.

EPDA Winner 2018
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nina mair cypris round 03
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nina mair cypris round 05

Photography: Peter Philipp