Fat Sheep 01

Fat Sheep

rug series 2010
Dimensions: custom-made / thickness: 4cm
Material: 100% new wool

Fat Sheep is a rug produced by hand in traditional weaving technique. The thickness and the softness of the threads are raised to maximum of 4 cm. It‘s softness produceses an immediate urge to lie down on it, to touch this tender sensation by hand. The wool is undyed and therefore derives from the colours available on the sheep itslef: natural white, grey, and brown tones. Centuries of sheep farming have formed a distinct tradition in the alpine regions of central Europe generating typical wool - pure natural wool from sheep bred on green alpine pastures in the remote valleys of the Tyrol. The harsh climate and the rough terrain of the mountainous region has fostered the emergence of high quality production on a handcrafted basis rather than on industrial level. Each Fat Sheep rug can be tracked down to the flock where the wool originates from. Nina Mair revives centuries of cultural history in handycraft techniques and shapes them into contemorary forms. A rough and impressive landscape is woven into living objects.

Fat Sheep 02
Fat Sheep 03
Fat Sheep 04
Fat Sheep 05

Photography: Markus Bstieler / Charlie Zanon