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Perlina Collection

lighting collection 2023
Dimensions: wall light (LxBxH) = 26x5x15cm / floor lamp = 170cm height

Material: glass sphere with stone or metal base
Client: LedsC4

Designed for the Spanish lighting manufacturer LedsC4, this collection embodies a timeless design language, captivating with a modest glass form resting upon an ellipsoidal metal base. The product family includes a table lamp, a floor lamp, and a wall lamp. A range of diverse finishes allows the lamp to introduce an artistic element into interior design. Located near Barcelona, the design house LEDSC4 is internationally renowned for its passionate approach to light and technical perfection. For half a century, every product has been meticulously crafted in their own facility in Spain, thus creating a legacy of passion and precision.

The luminaire Perlina aims to serve as a piece of jewellery, adding a distinct character to any architecture. The inspiration for the lighting series was drawn from nature. The pearl, as a perfect form produced by a seashell, served as the muse. Pearls have been the epitome of elegant jewellery pieces for decades.


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Photography: LedsC4