Relax Island 01

Relax Island

sound absorbing chair series 2014
RELAX Island beach chair: WxLxH = 98x217x185 cm
RELAX Island highback: WxLxH = 98x217x149 cm
Material: wood, 100% merino wool, YDOL sound absorber
Client: YDOL

RELAX Island is a pleasant retreat in the midst of a busy office designed for the German acoustic expert YDOL. This chair provides security and relaxation during a pause, or a little privacy for a short face-to-face chat. Its form, which is based on the traditional beach chair to be found across the beaches of Frisia and the Baltic, offers some privacy from eyes and ears. The surrounding arm and back rests serve as a place to put office equipment such as tablets and smartphones, and is equipped with power outlets. The special construction of the integrated YDOL acoustic elements makes the chair acoustically effective with an absorption area equivalent to seven square meters across the entire spectrum of frequencies of the human voice. RELAX Island comes in two variants: as a closed beach chair and as an open high back chair. Thirty-six colours of fabric for the merino wool surface, as well as different legs of wood or metal, provide almost limitless scope for tailoring the design.

Iconic Award Interior Inovation
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Photography: Peter Philipp / Christian Flatscher