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Client: Tirol Shop, Tirol Werbung
Innsbruck 2014

Tirol Shop is located in the heart of Innsbruck, in Maria Theresien Straße. Its four display windows have been redesigned as modifiable time windows. Tirol's product lines are loved by tourists and locals alike. The design of the four windows encapsulates the core message of the Tirol brand in a spatial installation. ‘The world my domain, Tirol my home’ stands for a cosmopolitan point of view and being grounded in the homeland. Tirol stands for authenticity and unspoiled nature, but also for independence, innovation and modernisation. Over a period of six months, the materiality of the four windows undergoes a transformation. The walls and floor of the display are constructed from individual wood elements, including both the warm tones of roughly cut, unvarnished spruce and the silver shades of weathered wood. The shop's staff continually interact with the wood elements at defined intervals, a kind of choreography that completes the visual transformation. This transformation represents the beauty of natural metamorphosis, like the changing of the seasons. The wood matures, leaving a subtle impression on the people passing by. The products are displayed on a system of hangers, which is also constructed of natural materials from the region. Unfinished steel poles are used as clothes rails, and are hung from naturally tanned leather bands that can be adjusted to different heights. The leather comes from one of Tyrol's oldest tanneries. Nina Mair's STOOL compliments the hangers beautifully, providing a surface for displaying accessories. A special handmade collection of Tyrolean loden is displayed on traditional dressmakers dummies. The use of wood throughout produces a calm atmosphere and displays the clothes to their best advantage. Passing shoppers are attracted by the warm colours of the display lighting in the four windows, especially in the evening. It provides a glimpse into a cosy wood-panelled room in Tyrol.

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Photographer: Peter Philipp