Relax Curtain 01

Relax Curtain

sound absorbing curtain 2013
Material: merino wool
Dimensions: custom-made
Client: YDOL

RELAX Curtain is a sound-absorbing acoustical curtain for the living and project area. The curtain with its high versatility complementing the offer of aesthetically pleasing acoustic elements. Its sound absorbing capacity is the result of a specially developed milling procedure that makes knitted fabric more compact by using mechanical and thermal influences. Ultra-fine wool, as it is normally used in the high-end clothes industry, makes the curtain soft and flowing. Upon request, the hem of the curtain can be seamed with an elegant leather ribbon available in five colour nuances that adjusts to every movement of the curtain thanks to the gentle natural tanning process employed. Like all other acoustic YDOL products, the curtain is available in 36 different colours. Not only the dimension and colour of RELAX Curtain can be selected according to the individual requirements of a room, but also the way the curtain is attached can be chosen in accordance with the design and character of the room. Attached with eyelets or on classic curtain rails, RELAX Curtain helps control a room’s acoustics, serving as visual cover, sun screen or flexible zoning element at the same time. The length and width of the curtain can be chosen individually. A maximum width of 4 m leaves large room for individual wishes and needs. All materials, without exception, are produced locally and processed at high-quality level in regional manufactories.

Relax Curtain 02
Relax Curtain 03
Relax Curtain 04

Photography: Markus Bstieler