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VIP Airport Lounge

Client: Tiroler Flughafenbetriebsges.m.b.H.
Innsbruck 2017

project team: Nina Mair, Stefanie Budweiser, Ana Čšurcan

The VIP Lounge of the Innsbruck Airport welcomes travelers from every culture with an exclusive ambient and a most serene atmosphere. It is designed as a haven for guests who travel mainly by means of private airplanes. The subtly conceived space offers various areas, for instance, where one can relax, devote time to concentrated, undisturbed work or for social interactions and communication. The use of exclusive materials such as stone, solid oak wood, brass and velvet bestow an exceptional character upon the space. A centrally positioned and customized piece of furniture works as a partitioning element. On one side of this object one will find a lounge area accompanied by a spacious dining area, which swiftly merges into a softly padded interior landscape. Here one can savour “a la carte” dishes, while an entertainment-center assures the supply of information and amusement. A contemporary interpretation of a boudoir, as an elegantly designed space, meant for intimacy and beauty, is placed on the other side of the partitioning furniture. It can be used as an extension of the living area, as well as a beauty area, lending the act of awaiting a flight a fashionable, chic note. The self-service area, equipped with cooled beverages and a coffee machine, is provided with a bar table made of stone and exquisite barstools made of brass and leather. This area enables its guests to come together, converse and interact.

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Photographer: Peter Philipp