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Relax Twist

Sound absorber 2019
Dimensions: LxWxH = 40 or 74cm x 6 cm x variable

Material: aluminium + Merino wool
Client: YDOL Germany

Relax Twist is an acoustically effective and versatile partitioning element. The functional principle is that of a wall element comprising individual lamellae that can be rotated around a vertical axis, from a completely closed to at an angle of 90°. When in an open position, the acoustic wall ensures the visibility throughout the space, while still functioning as a sound absorber. In a completely closed state, Relax Twist guarantees to function as a visual as well as an acoustic shield, fully separating different areas. These slats are either 40cm or 74 cm wide, and variable in height, thus customizable for any space. The product can be customized by choosing from a range of 36 colours for the visible textile. Furthermore, the material consisting of natural fibers, is also flame retardant and can store air moisture, giving it off again when the ambient air is dry, thus making a valuable contribution towards a healthy interior climate as well as comfortable working conditions. A multilayered absorber that neutralizes 100% of the occurring sound waves in the frequency range of the human voice, is located beneath the acoustic wool fabric, perfecting sound quality in the space. The product consists of only 2 materials, the renewing material wool and recycled aluminum. No adhesives are employed, facilitating the single-origin separation of the components once the life cycle of the product is complete.

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Photography: Peter Philipp & in the headroom