Relax Table 01

Relax Table

sound absorbing table 2015
Dimensions: WxLxH 64x64x110
Material: wood, merino wool, YDOL sound absorber
Client: YDOL

The RELAX Table is acoustically effective furniture. This elegant bar table is based on the RELAX 040 acoustic element, with a length of 40 cm and a height of 110 cm, it offers 1,6 m² of absorption surface. The table top tapers towards the edges, creating an exceptionally elegant impression through the extreme slenderness of the visible edges. An optional drawer can be included, in which a power supply is hidden. It can accommodate power bricks of different mobile devices and hide them behind an eye-catching hatch in the table top. The RELAX Table comes with braking casters, making it the core of flexible furniture for innovative businesses who value the acoustic and aesthetic ambience of their events. RELAX Table has received the 2016 Iconic Award and the 2017 German Design Award.

German Design Award Winner 2017
IAII 2016 Logo Winner
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Relax Table 03
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Relax Table 05

Photographer: Peter Philipp