ninamair relax wave 04

Relax Wave

Sound absorber 2021
Dimensions: WxHxD = 90x300x8cm

Material: aluminium + Merino wool
Client: YDOL Germany

Relax Wave is a three-dimensionally shaped sound absorber, that can be used as a single wall-mount element or as covering a complete wall surface. Harsh architectural lines are dissolved by the undulated wavelike structure, while the entire environment receives a trace of softness. Relax Wave represents the symbiosis between space and fabric. The solid absorber appears to be a panel of fabric that was deliberately formed and remains in loose and perfectly regular waves. The surface of the sound absorber is covered in the finest Merino wool fabric, which clings seamlessly to the undulated shape. Under the acoustic textile, there is a multilayered absorber that annuls 100% of the existing noise, in the frequency range of the human voice. The sound quality of a space can thus be perfected. The absorber consists of only two materials, namely the renewable raw material that is wool and recycled aluminum. No glue is used in the manufacturing process and all materials are of single-origin, allowing them to be accurately sorted as well as recycled after use.

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Photography: in the headroom